Sunday, November 11, 2012

west coast readings canceled (post retitled: I AM BEING HAUNTED BY THE GHOST OF VALERIE ELIOT)

Hi I know it's been a while...I'll try to remedy that soon as soon as I'm a brain again. But I've had to as of this morning cancel my SF and LA readings. Long story short-ish, but I was struggling through the past couple of days with a pretty terrible head cold/bronchitis maybe, and after sitting two hours on the runway early this morning at Raleigh-Durham heading to SF, and being told the engine had failed and the flight was canceled, and that we could get most of everything credited back, I took it as divine intervention. It would have taken a 15 hour day of traveling to get out West, and I don't have it in me.

So I hope I'm not inopportuning anyone too much! I'm hoping to get out to the West Coast now in the spring. Strange, this, about SF - I've now canceled two years in a row! I still need to make it out to the Bay Area, soon.

The reading the other night at Unnameable in NYC was lovely...such good energy. I guess now except for a date in New Hampshire I have to just get back to being writer and human.