Friday, November 2, 2012

robot of publicity yet all warm & gooshy inside

First, I'd like to apologize for being so promiscuous on the Internet - I am having some secret slut-shaming I have to deal with. I know I said I wouldn't publicize on said blog, however, I have again forgotten how to access my fancy new author website, and will have to figure that out. So I wanted to update on things like when I did interviews that are published online, I guess part of me feels like it's a sort of writing-  a blog post elsewhere. And good things. Why not announce good things?

Yesterday was book day. Heroines "officially" came out - whatever that means anymore! For two weekends The New Inquiry cofounder and allaround wonderful Mary Borkowski and I chatted on gmail, and some of the conversation was published online yesterday, along with an excerpt from the book, an opening memoir section. Thanks to the folks at The New Inquiry for being so cool and supportive. And our NYC reading/conversation with Laurie Penny has been rescheduled for Friday November 9 in Brooklyn at 7:30. Venue to be announced soon.

Also - on the same day - The Believer online posted a transcript of my conversation I had with the amazing Tamara Faith Berger, she of the dirty dirty Maidenhead, at Bluestockings in September. And we wrote an intro and conclusion that cracked us up. Thanks to Sheila H. for publishing it, and being generally so supportive.

Also - last but not least! - Jenna Sauers at Jezebel published a write-up of Heroines that made me blush yesterday. 

Yesterday I read at the intimate Kelly Writers House at Penn in Philly, and it felt really good to read from the book, I went way over time, so blatherous am I, but it was wonderful to be there and to read and to meet everyone. What a great group of people. Sunday night at 7:30pm I will be reading in Chicago with my good friend Suzanne Scanlon, she of the incandescent Promising Young Women, at Meghan Lamb's series at Uncharted Books at Logan Square. Monday night I will be reading at Columbia College, and Wednesday night at University of Chicago. Friday will be the aforementioned Brooklyn reading. Then California the next week (first SF, Janey Smith's Lower Haight series November 12, RADAR series November 13, Pomona College November 15, Human Resources in LA, with a Q&A with Chris Kraus, November 16). And then the New Hampshire Institute of Arts November 28.

Blah blah blah me. I promise to go back to blog posts soon.