Thursday, October 20, 2011

new york new york

Was short but sweet. Was wonderful to hear Laurie Weeks read - she is a total rock star, that one. I was quite happy to be her opening act. What a virtuosic feat Zipper Mouth is. Most of the other time in the 30 hours I was there I hung out with my sister and brother-in-law and held my baby goddaughter sleeping (the one morning free I had, I had the choice between going to the deKooning show at the MOMA and helping Vera with her bath, I chose of course playing with the baby, have I grown soft? That milk-drunk look on her face after she's fed, or the way she grows silent and calm when water is being poured over her head, there's nothing more beautiful.) This weekend in Chicago for her christening, next weekend in Chicago again for two great readings on the North Side.

Anyway, so Green Girl is officially out. So there's that. Although it says there's only two left at Amazon, but who the fuck knows with Amazon. I need to consider my policy of linking to Amazon - it makes everything so sellable that I'm talking about. I sound like a broken record, but if you read the book and dug it, please consider rating it and/or reviewing it on Goodreads, or on Amazon. That way other people can learn about the book. It's the wave of the future, folks.

I will hopefully write something less boring soon. I read Close to the Knives on the plane, then switched over to a beyond-bad romance novel. Then switched back. Pablum mixed with rage. Sometimes one cannot be completely disintegrating, one craves instead to be falsely whole.