Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blake Butler on Green Girl

Okay, obviously my brief spell of not linking to HTML Giant is over. Hope you don't judge me for ending it to link to this really thoughtful essay/review Blake Butler writes about Green Girl. I am humbled and happy to be considered in the company of the wonderful Wayne Koestenbaum. This is the first "review" of Green Girl!  It's exciting. In terrible news today, my platform heels from Copenhagen broke. BROKE. In the middle of the fucking mall. But my American Vogue arrived today! AM I A METHOD WRITER OR WHAT?

(btw, Green Girl is available for pre-order on Amazon and B&N, I'm not going to link to B&N because I went to the Southpoint one today to get a novel by Carson McCullers and they didn't have ANY. We should have some the info desk guy said. Yes you should I said, very primly. I got A Visit to the Goon Squad instead. I am about to enter a "pleasure reading" period as I'm sending the mss. off to Chris - tonight!).