Friday, June 10, 2011

girl gang

 Has anyone read the newest Bookforum? The reviewer compares Maggie Nelson's Art of Cruelty  to a Tumblr feed (in her mind, this is not a compliment). I say: Fuck yeah, that's the new criticism. I don't know. Perhaps the old guard doesn't get the girls. Andrea pointed me to this Tumblr of modernist women: love this image of a coltish Jean Rhys!

I leave for Scandinavia this weekend. My flight plan is INSANE. I plan to be passive, to allow it to happen to me. Going home for instance: leave at dawn from Bergen, fly to Oslo, fly to Copenhagen, stew around the airport a few hours, leave for JFK, hold-over, fly to Detroit, fly to Raleigh-Durham. 36-hours later get on a plane and fly to LA. If I don't come out of this a ghost I don't know what. Am excited for Bergen especially - John will be at his conference/lecture/rock-star thing, and I will be strolling around the Norwegian city myself, where Ibsen once lived. Also: the fjords and the train from Oslo to Bergen. There will be only 5 hours of darkness a day when we're there. My hope is for a healthy and ludic trip.

Also: (I keep adding on to the post, completely taking any shape out of it): it looks like I will be traveling for Green Girl. In October will read in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, maybe New York, if New York will have me. Maybe Los Angeles, if Los Angeles will have me. More info on that soon. Also review copies of Green Girl have gone out, if you are a friend/blogger/reviewer and receive it, as opposed to a reviewer/not friend, and you're reading it, please let me know if you catch any typos! Strange thought, while I am gone, off the grid, people might be reading the novel.