Thursday, March 3, 2011


"The existence of the writer is proof that within one individual there exists side by side both a man full of dread and one who is cool and calculating, both a madman and a reasonable being, a mute who has lost all words firmly wedded to an orator, master of discourse."

From Blanchot's essay "From Dread to Language"

Also (I could make this a new post but I don't want to): two fantastic things on HTML Giant today (I have unintentionally become this sort of spokesperson for HTML, I know I call out when bad things happen over there but it's good to do it when it's really good): Total rock-star bad-ass Danielle Dutton's interview, and a WOW WOW essay by Roxane Gay on Lidia Yuknavitch's The Chronology of Water (which I haven't read, yet, I'm almost saving, for when I finish my own book, because I know just know how unbelievable it will be.)

Also, I am compiling notes for the MONSTER THING, and I am realizing it actually bifurcates into two books. All the stuff about the girl-libertine, masochism, violence, Sade, etc. I've been blah-blahing about lately, delivered in that lecture at AWP, I am going to take out, in order to focus on these women of modernism and notions of character and authorship, and I already have another material there for another essay collection (of course, sans polish). Fuck. Do I want to write/pitch/etc. an essay collection? That sounds really hard. Because I've told myself (mimicking Dodie in Barf Manifesto) after this: NO MORE ESSAYS. Back to the fiction. Or whatever it is.