Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i am selling oranges

I am in an airport, waiting for a connecting flight, I am cold and wearing John's blazer - that's as much context as I can give. Thrown into different paces, climates, I wonder whether I'll ever feel comfortable inhabiting a space. Did a reading for the book in LA - John shot video, it came out very shadowy, I moved my hips like a metronome, it's hypnotizing, back and forth, back and forth. Maybe I'll post it. If I can figure out how. I read from Under the Shadow, the Calfornia/Roman Polanski prossy scene, it was vulgar and over-the-top. I felt like a feral, fetid cat with my word-litter among Language poets. No matter.

There have been a few reviews lately of O Fallen Angel, which I wanted to collect here, I feel I'm forgetting all of them. Megan Milks reviewed it for Rain Taxi (print) and apparently there is a review in Review of Contemporary Fiction - does anyone have a copy and would be willing to scan it for me? (update: it's online.) Also Angela Stubbs wrote about the book for her column in The Nervous Breakdown (along with reviews of Kate Durbin's Amelia Earhart's book and Harold Abramowitz's Les Figues book), and she will be reviewing it in The Collagist. Thanks, Angela! Also Feminist Review, which is now called, Elevate Difference, which sounds like the name of some sort of bran product, reviews the book. An interesting review, interesting the discussion of my feminist, what WAVE I am in I suppose (remembering, I am supposed to be on a panel on this at AWP, on the intergenerational, the mother/daughter ambivalence, I remember this as I read the long article Susan Faludi wrote about it in this month's Harper's in the plane over to the connecting flight). That my feminism is standard, but then saying Maggie "plays in the grey area of empowerment and sexual freedom and promiscuity." It's interesting though, I'm glad that was discussed, how this work fits into feminism. Also both reviews really played up the WOOLFIAN element of the book. When lately I'm feeling so WOLFIAN.

It was cold in LA. Cold and damp and gray. That is my mood. I am going under for months, months, months, for a major major revision of the essay collection, which if done right could be really really good, I think, but it seems I have to actually write it. Or rewrite it. As it were.