Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is not a real post, more like a placemarker to update, to be up to date, to be more up, this date, as opposed to my last downer post. I am feeling better. More centered. I have gotten inured to rejection, I know it sounds like my most recent rejection of the novel was quite a shock, it wasn't - some days though are like emotional tornadoes. Today I Jeanne Dielmaned (housework) for about 6 hours, which is totally unlike me, but it felt quite meditative to be squatting on the floor with a sponge swirling around dirty water. I am gearing up to write the last chapter of the draft of the essay collection, on friendship and New Narrative and the ickiness and intimacy of community and love, centering around AWP. Today I looked at books I'm going to be meditating on, all so so genius - Rachel Levitsky's Neighbor (what she performs in this book is so deceptively light but really terribly profound, as well as political), Bruce Boone's Century of Clouds, Pamela Lu's Pamela, and Dodie Bellamy's Barf Manifesto.

The first full week of Everyday Genius is wrapping up tomorrow, with a brilliant piece by Ariana Reines. Also check out the archives - today was Janey Smith, also: Laura Goldstein, Rachel Araujo, Rebecca Loudon, Dodie Bellamy, Kate Durbin.