Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have started writing the essay collection! The first essay started off as a rewrite of my "Vomitous Blog Manifesto" and became huge, it's like 30 babbling pages. Perhaps I'll post some of it soon! It helps that John has put a childproof lock on my computer so I can't go on the Internet during the day (his code name: Patriarch).

So give me a month and I'll be back on Frances Farmer! Promise! Babbling stuff! Today I spent the day fantasizing about living in New Orleans. I spent the day thinking about the vulgar, bubbling, ecstatic spectacle of New Orleans, and John and I would have a lemon-yellow cottage with green stained glass windows, and I would ride a bicycle everywhere, and we would run a reading series and a bookshop...Could I be joyful? Could I find a home? I who feel so orphanned!

Also, I'm sorry to be such a fucking prostitute, I really am, I hate myself, but if you read O Fallen Angel (and liked it!) go on Goodreads to rate it! Or Amazon! That would be extraordinary of you.