Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Want Your Ugly, I Want Your Disease

And what could be a better fucking poetics than that, the ugly, the diseased? Kate Durbin is starting a critical communal blog devoted to critiques/artwork/writing about the spectacle that is Gaga. Submit.

From Stan Brakhage's journal

There is a clear relation between violence in movies and sugar: the cookie witch still thrives despite Hansel and Gretel - tho' they've now become teenagers and disrobe occasionally: the scene (and what is seen) remains the same. I suppose the witch climbed out of the oven while H. and G. were playing with each other, having found this nude game happily distracting. Excessive joy to 'em, I say; and I too like to watch 'em shove the witch in the oven again and again, and watch 'em stroke each other (while she climbs out).

Wait, aren't H. and G. siblings? Stan Brakhage utters the language of incest, like the abject. All vulgar and excess. I love this. Porny Hansel and Gretel. In my fairytale-overladen O Fallen Angel "Sometimes Maggie needs to put a little self-confidence up her nose. It leaves a trail like Hansel and Gretel."
I don't know what's going on in this metaphor. Hansel and Gretel has turned into one of the best pulp fairytales of all time, Flowers in the Attic (that scene where she is wearing her ballet skirt and her brother and her fuck on the dirty mattress...stuff of sublime preadolescent masturbation material, all the tension and torture and taboo, sorry I've been reading too much Bataille/Leo Bersani's Freudian Body, really Bataille's language on erotism is not too far away from my romance novels, everything is shattering, being shattered, annihilated.). But then what else is going on in this image. Hansel and Gretel are fucking, and then they shove the witch in the oven again and again, the oven is obviously a vagina, they are fucking the witch, it is a threesome with the senile pregnant hag.

This. This. This is the image. Hansel and Gretel as siblings grown rebellious teenagers fucking each other with the witch. Sexuality and Torture. Story of Eye-stuff. Bruloirs. The ovens that burned the witches. I am entranced by this image.